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my boyfriend wrote the word “tit” on my left boob while i was sleeping……………………..


Sorry for the spam guys, my blog has accidentally all the yaoi hands there are.

Now continuing with the regular schedule.

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if you understand why its acceptabe, why do you feel this way? i think if you examine those feelings a little closer you…

A person needs to view their idols as unreachable so they have the motivation to find their own limits on their way. Naturally there’s no way one can’t be disappointed when they find out what kind of help great artists use for work.

But there’s nothing wrong with feeling disappointed afterwards. It almost feels like the day you realize your parents aren’t always right but you still choose to listen to them.

I hope that made sense.

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If they don’t heal ‘til tomorrow, I’m putting the new ones in :U

I took out my piercings. This feels weird :(

I’m sorry for being so awkward around you

I wish we could continue being friends.

I’m sorry.

Today was the first time I got seriously threatened with being burned down for being a “hipster”.



Excellent times! Cooking butterbeer with Maus this summer.

I miss you bb!